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Age - 22

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He told me to dress up for a dirty place. He took us on the site on his jeep and gave some ammunition: a flashlight, rope, and a sheathed knife – just in case. And some more useful stuff in a small backpack (taking the same set along with him) – to protect ourselves from the unforeseen circumstances. For instance, if the arch of the cave falls down, or stalactite cracks and falls, or rocks will block our way… Sex is fun no matter if you are an eskortlar Istanbul girl or her client but the safety of life is even more fun.

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I love to swim. Some people who know me say that I’m like the amphibian – all I need is water. I try to spend as much time in the water as possible. During cold winters, when the sea is not an option (or I’m far from the natural water arteries), I use the swimming pool. James, the owner of one of them, has become my sex friend – I exchange sex with him 2 times a month for the right to swim in the pool after its closure, serving as his personal Istanbul partner. Usually from 9 PM to 1 AM. This time is perfectly suitable.

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I wanted to arrange a really good party. Not only because I can (shall read: have money and I’m proud of that) but also because it was my birthday. 22nd one. It was really important to make everything at the highest level. I hired the party organizer to make everything right. I told him about the decorations, food, booze, gifts to invited people, the list of invitees, the DJ and the preferred music selection. Still, I had a feeling I was missing something, some little emptiness was in my heart. When I told the organizer about it, he pondered and offered me to invite girls-entertainers. We’ve discussed this topic a little bit and made it broader – girls will be nude bartender helpers and nude waitresses. He told me they are from Istanbul escort face model agency, so the guests can be escorted also, in addition to being just served. I guess this will make my party marvelous.